Millennial Musings — Features I wish Quidd had

1. Filters

The market is congested with a lot of overpriced items from channels and sets that I don’t want and have very little value to me. To get me (and others) buying again Quidd needs to make it easier to find the things that we want to buy and to find the bargains hidden in the app. As a result, we need more and better filters.

2. Tagging

It would be so useful when browsing our albums that we could tag cards we need, and even sort those cards into different colour coordinated lists. I could have one set of tagged cards that I need first editions of, another for lows I am looking for, a third list for cards I want and don’t care about the edition. The real power of these tags is when they can be linked into wishes and filters so that I can more easily find what I want and not take up the finite number of slots and when a wish is fulfilled I have a place to pick the next one to wish for. Why not even let us put it on our profile? Then people can see non wish for cards that people who are spending money are still looking for.

3. Buying

Wishing is a failure. People are posting way too many spam offers that are not ever going to be sold for. People are posting silly offers for cards that they have to make them appear more valuable. I am even getting alerts that make no sense. I got an alert for a 1st edition ‘ship a she’ for $150 when my wish is for any edition under $10. I am not going to pay $140 more! Wishes don’t work. Let’s go to the original idea posted on the discord buy offers. Let sellers get the instant gratification that people get when buying and remove all the spam via taking the money in escrow while it’s waiting to be fulfilled.

4. Selling

We need to have the ability to bundle groups of items together in one post. I am not talking about a pseudo trading, I am talking about all the base cards we have multiples of that are not work 10 cents. This way we can bundle a whole set of base for a dollar and then sell it in one go, fair for the seller and the buyer. It can also bring back hoarding! I collected a creator card en mass. Would I pay 10 cents for a sing 1 million CC? No. Would I pay 10 cents for 10? Probably. My hoard can grow and people can get rid of them, win-win!

5. Liquidity

The number one problem on the app right now is liquidity. If cards are moving back and forth that’s great you have money to buy the ones you want via getting rid of the ones you don’t. The issue is everyone is trying to get to $100 and is holding the cash, stopping it from flowing around the economy. It all depends on Quidds confidence, if they were confident and want the economy to start moving again they could reduce the hoarding by reducing the limit to say $10.

6. Collecting

Finally Collecting, is the main core of the app that hasn’t seen any love or attention since I left the app many years ago. I still can’t add all my cards to their correct album with one button press, I have to do it one card at a time. As a result, I just ignore this feature entirely, which is a shame. I still can’t reorder my albums so that they are in my favourite order. I still can’t showcase my completed albums on my profile. The list goes on and on! But most of all I am not rewarded for the collection that I have amassed, and that is sad. Gallery season one is the first attempt at this where the number one user gets a share of the tax, but is it fair to only reward one person? What about the old channels that we have 100% completed and never got a single reward card as they were not around. Quidd no longer holds the licence for these so we can’t expect a golden scream queens card for a 100% channel completion, but why not an exclusive channel on discord or a monthly cash/coin payout shared by everyone who is holding 100% of the channel based on the tax generated on the channel. In the same way as Royal is doing with holding NFT’s.



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