Millennial Musings — Features I wish my favourite sites (and apps) had

There are so many sites that we use every day but it feels like they are missing something that would make our lives easier. As these companies have closed off agile boards that we have no idea what they are working on unless we become part of the A/B testing groups I wanted to suggest a few things that I would like to see implemented. Then in a few years, I can celebrate that they have happened or whine some more that I still want them (or in an unlikely event that the problem is solved in a different way ignore that part of the article entirely like a real blogger).

1. Twitch — Collaborations streams need to get rid of the adverts

2. YouTube — Video length is a spoiler?

3. Safari on my iPhone — 500 tabs is not enough don’t @ME

4. Spotify — The code that makes up shuffle needs to be shuffled

5. Video conference apps — Let any host change the slide

6. Xbox Live store — Sales confuse me

What if we took this concept even further and used the joys of NFT’s so that you know what games you own on ANY platform and it works like a key to let you play it on any other platform. If developers are not cool with letting us buy once, play anywhere then at least inform the user that they already own it on steam before trying to buy it again on Xbox.

7. Jack box — Streamers are too popular to use these the way they are intended

8 and 9. Netflix and Amazon — All video platforms copy each other so all need the same things!

Also, why do I have to click skip intro every time a new episode comes on. They should have a setting to do it once in a binge, never and always depending on user preferences!

10. Quidd — Wake Up

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