Management of Change: Organisation Development and Design — Microcredential — Open University — 4/4

Task 4

Write a 1,500-word reflective piece, based on your critical analysis of course content, on how your present views of the best way for an organisation with which you are familiar and with which you have been employed or acted as a volunteer will meet its challenges and how you will meet your own professional challenges within this context. Your answer should be shaped by your own knowledge and experience and your learning on this course.

  • your understanding of current management and organisational thinking, including systems thinking, design thinking and a human-centred approach.
Figure 1 — A high-level PESTLE analysis of Deloitte in the context of the market forces in consulting.
Figure 2 — Potential ideas of how to increase focus on environmental impact on the supply chain divided into their feasibility, viability and desirability



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